10 Casetify Phone Cases to Get for Your iPhone 14

Casetify phone cases iphone 14

When your hard work has finally paid off and you finally bought your dream iPhone 14, what’s next? Here’s where the fun part comes in— get your favourite phone case and phone accessories to make your phone more personalised!

If you are wondering what kind of phone case to get, you can consider Casetify phone cases.

10 Best Designs to Get for Your iPhone 14

  • Yellow checkers, retro seventies squares

  • If you are someone who likes the retro aesthetic, this case is suitable for you. This phone case feels like you are teleported back to the 70s.


    Despite so, the vibrant yellow colour adds a stylish touch, combining both old and new.

  • Universe 

  • Are you a minimalist? This phone case is just what you need as the design is simple, yet gorgeous, which looks good on any iPhone.

    The phone case colour is transparent as well, which means you can flaunt the natural beautiful colours of your iPhone.

  • Gravity 3.0

  • There is nothing that can go wrong with a black phone case— with a little touch of some subtle designs.

    The galaxy prints with the astronaut and planet drawings are cute and not too jarring.


  • Acid Smiles

  • Here is another transparent design phone case, but a little more bold for those of you who prefer striking designs.

    If you are meeting your friend, the first thing they will notice from afar is probably your phone as nobody can help but to look at those unique smiley prints!


  • Don't Be Afraid By Mirrors Reflect You

  • If you ever need the motivation to spur you on, just turn your phones around. This phone case is a gentle reminder to everyone that mental health is important and remember to take a break if you need to!


    Let’s also talk about how cool the design looks— it looks just like a mirror!

  • Happy Corgi
  • For Corgi lovers or dog lovers, you will love this phone case!

    Imagine using your phone at the start of a new day and seeing this adorable corgi’s head “pop up” from the bottom of your phone. 

  • Polka Daub Hearts

    These tiny hearts look like they are hand-painted, in many vibrant colours and different sizes.

    If you would like to get a gift for your loved ones, this phone case explains everything! 

  • I'm leaving this planet

  • This design might be simple, but how can anyone resist this cute dinosaur hanging by the balloon?


  • Cherry Blossom Gradient

  • Gradient colours are definitely a trend nowadays! Hop onto the trend with this phone case.


    Let’s not forget the fact that the colours actually go very well together!

  • Spring Botanicals 2

  • Just like how there is nothing that can go wrong with black, nothing can go wrong with floral prints too. 


    Floral prints are dainty, pretty, and uplift your mood by just looking at them! If you cannot decide what is your favourite type of flower, this phone case includes plenty. 


    Why Are Casetify Phone Cases so Unique?

    There are a couple of reasons why Casetify phone cases stand out amongst others.

    Firstly, it offers ultimate protection— you would not want your new iPhone to get damaged due to clumsiness! Thanks to the innovative EcoShock™ technology, the Ultra Impact Case can withstand drops from up to 11.5 feet and achieve five times military-grade standard.

    Secondly, there is also an enhanced corner bumper made from the EcoShock™ technology, the Ultra Impact case provides a 20% increase in drop protection without adding extra bulk.

    These cases are tried, tested and proven that they work well to protect your phones. They are being rigorously tested 134 times at multiple frequencies, angles and heights to ensure maximum protection.

    That’s not all because it is also made from upcycled phone cases through the Re/CASETiFY program, hence minimising environmental impacts. They are also compatible with wireless and MagSafe charging.

    With these being said, here are some best Casetify iPhone 14 phone cases to get.

    Browse the full collection of Casetify iPhone 14 cases here