Best Netflix Shows to Binge-watch in January 2023

Start off the year right by watching some good shows on Netflix! Here are our top five recommendations if you need some inspiration. 

Single’s Inferno S2

Single’s Inferno is back again with new cast members, juicy drama, and hopefully new cute couples. 

In season one, I am sure you can’t wait for the new episodes to be released as each episode never fails to surprise us with its plot twists. 

10 singles go on an island without being able to use their electronic devices, having to cook their own meals, and fetching their own water. They are also unable to talk about their occupations and age, and can solely rely on their charisma to find love. 

 If a couple like each other and pairs up, they will go to Paradise, where they can forge deeper connections and talk about anything they want. 


If you are an avid user of TikTok, you will have come across many creators dancing with “Thing” on their heads.

Yes, that inspiration came from Wednesday, a horror comedy film.  It revolves around Wednesday Addams, who attempts to solve a monster mystery at her school. 

There are also two potential love interests, Xavier and Tyler, for Wednesday. Watch the series to find out who she actually picks! 


For all anime lovers out there, SPY x FAMILY is something that you should not miss out on.

The story is about a spy who has to "build a family" for his mission. The girl that he adopts as his daughter is a telepath and the woman he marries is a skilled assassin. 

Alice in Borderland Season 2 

If you watched Squid Game, South Korea’s survival drama television series, which was a big hit in 2021, you should not miss out on Alice in Borderland. 

Unlike Squid Game, where the players compete for money of their own will, the players in Alice in Borderland are trapped competing in dangerous games. If they lost the games, the players would be executed by lasers shot from the sky. 

Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris is an American romantic comedy television series about Emily Cooper, an American who moves to France to pursue her dreams as a marketing executive. She struggles to succeed in the workplace while searching for love and experiencing a culture clash with how she was brought up in the United States. 

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