Dive into Style and Elegance With Casemate's NEW iPhone Accessories

In the realm of iPhone accessories, Case-Mate has consistently been a trendsetter, known for seamlessly blending style with functionality. The newest additions to their lineup, the Case-Mate Waterproof Floating Phone Pouch in Soap Bubble and the Case-Mate Phone Charm with Beaded Crystal Pearl, exemplify the brand's commitment to offering cutting-edge accessories that not only protect your iPhone but also elevate its aesthetic appeal.

Case-Mate Waterproof Floating Phone Pouch - Soap Bubble

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The Case-Mate Waterproof Floating Phone Pouch is a testament to innovation in iPhone protection. Crafted with precision and designed for those who dare to venture into the elements, this pouch provides waterproof security with a touch of glamour. Let's dive into the key features that make this accessory a must-have for the adventurous iPhone user.

Waterproof Wonder:
The primary function of the Waterproof Floating Phone Pouch is to shield your iPhone from water, making it perfect for beach outings, poolside relaxation, or even unexpected rain showers. The pouch creates a watertight seal, ensuring that your iPhone remains dry and functional even when submerged. It's the ultimate companion for those who want to capture underwater moments or simply enjoy water-related activities without worrying about device damage.

Floating Elegance:
Beyond its waterproof prowess, the pouch is designed to float on water. No need to panic if your iPhone takes an unexpected dip—this pouch keeps your device buoyant and easily retrievable. Whether you're navigating a serene lake or riding ocean waves, your iPhone stays afloat in style.

Transparent Touchscreen Window:
The pouch features a transparent window on the front, allowing full access to your iPhone's touchscreen functionality. Capture breathtaking underwater photos, answer calls, or use apps without removing your device from the pouch. The clarity of the window ensures that your iPhone's display remains visible and responsive in and out of the water.

Soap Bubble Design:
The Soap Bubble design of the pouch adds a touch of enchantment to its functionality. The iridescent hues create a mesmerizing visual effect, turning a protective accessory into a fashion statement. The Soap Bubble design reflects Case-Mate's commitment to merging advanced technology with aesthetic appeal, offering users a unique and stylish option for safeguarding their iPhones.

Secure Sealing Mechanism:
Ensuring a tight and secure seal, the pouch features an advanced sealing mechanism. This design element is crucial in maintaining the waterproof integrity of the pouch, safeguarding your iPhone from water ingress. The secure sealing mechanism reflects Case-Mate's dedication to providing top-tier protection for your valuable device.

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Case-Mate Phone Charm - Beaded Boho Crystal

Aesthetic Elegance:
Switching gears from waterproof protection to aesthetic elegance, the Case-Mate Phone Charm with Beaded Crystal Pearl is a charming addition to the world of iPhone accessories. This delicate charm enhances the visual appeal of your iPhone while adding a touch of sophistication to your everyday carry.

Beaded Crystal Pearl Elegance:
The standout feature of this phone charm is its beaded crystal pearl design. The carefully selected beads and pearls are intricately arranged to create a visually stunning accessory that effortlessly complements the sleek design of your iPhone. The timeless elegance of pearls meets contemporary design in this Case-Mate creation.

Versatile Attachment:
The charm is designed for versatility, featuring a small and secure attachment that allows it to be easily connected to your iPhone, case, or other accessories. This ensures that you can personalize your iPhone with a touch of charm without compromising on functionality or convenience.

Subtle Sparkle:
The beaded crystal pearl design introduces a subtle yet captivating sparkle to your iPhone. Whether you're attending a social event, heading to work, or simply going about your day, the charm adds a touch of glamour that sets your device apart. The subtle sparkle makes it suitable for a variety of occasions, from casual outings to formal events.

Enhanced Personalization:
The Case-Mate Phone Charm is not just an accessory; it's a means of personalizing your iPhone. With this charm, you can express your individual style and make a statement with a device that reflects your unique taste. Its delicate and sophisticated design ensures that it complements various iPhone models and cases seamlessly.

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Case-Mate continues to redefine the landscape of iPhone accessories with products that seamlessly integrate innovation and style. Whether you're seeking advanced protection with a touch of glamour or looking to add an elegant charm to your device, Case-Mate has you covered.

The Waterproof Floating Phone Pouch and the Beaded Crystal Pearl Phone Charm exemplify Case-Mate's dedication to creating accessories that not only protect but also elevate your iPhone experience. Dive into style and elegance, and make a statement with these newest additions to the Case-Mate lineup. Elevate your iPhone, express your style, and enjoy the perfect blend of fashion and functionality.