Looking for Aesthetic AND Durable Phone Cases? We Might Have a Few

We know it can be hard work blending style with technology, especially when it comes to suiting up your precious mobile devices. You want a case that offers strong protection yet isn’t too bulky, looks fashionably cool yet doesn’t scratch, discolour or peel too easily… 

We get it, making an investment in both an aesthetically appealing and durable phone case can take a bit of time and research– you want to get your money’s worth on a pretty case that lasts. It’s probably a good thing then that we’ve done our homework. 

Hear thee! We’ve rounded up our top 5 case designs and weighed them based on affordability, style and protective features so you no longer have to. Check them out below. 

 1. “Iridescent Universe” by CASETiFY

durable phone cases casetify iridescent universe

If you like your cases with a little shine, have a peek at this iridescent, galaxy-themed phone case by CASETiFY! Covered in little doodles of planets and stars, this innocent-looking case is extremely shockproof and built for impact. CASETiFY also abides by eco-friendly standards, meaning that its cases undergo sustainable manufacturing processes, all the way down to their packaging.  

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If you like this design, you might want to check out the “Iridescent Clouds” case for iPhone 13 Pro by CASETiFY that’s also selling fast! 

2. Burga Emerald Pool Tough Magsafe Case for iPhone 14 Pro / 14 Pro Max

durable phone cases casetify burga

If you’re a fan of abstract paint pouring pieces, you’ll like Burga. Their stunning range of vibrant marble-style phone cases, tinged with hints of gold, are magic to the eyes. Not to mention, these cases are pretty, slim and tough to boot. 

Contrasting emerald green and gold hues against a dark palette, this classy case comprises a dual layer of silicone interior and hard shell exterior. It also offers 360-degree protection, shielding your camera lenses from impact with raised bezels. 

Get it here or take a look at our entire Burga case collection for more options. 

3. CASETiFY Magsafe Clear Case

durable phone cases casetify clear case

This seemingly simple transparent case by CASETiFY is not only shockproof, scratchproof, and pro-MagSafe charging, but is also anti-yellow! Tested and perfected with UV Defender Technology, the MagSafe Clear Case by CASETiFY does not turn yellow over time, unlike most (if not all) cases which age with increased exposure to the sun. Have your phone looking good as new at all times with this quality case that delivers what its name promises! 

Shop the product for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max

4. Adidas Camou Grip Case for iPhone 13/13 Pro 

durable phone cases casetify adidas

Adidas is known for its sports apparel, but they cover phone accessories too! This military-style case is designed specially for those who lead an active lifestyle. 

Rest assured when you take your phone jogging with you– its kickstand (which you would normally use for leaning your device against a surface to play videos) doubles as an anti-slip band so you can ensure a steady grip while running. This case is also bolstered by elastic, rubberised bumpers to protect your screen and the entire device from accidental impact. 

Check it out here, and feel free to peep at other durable Adidas cases while you’re at it.  

5. CASETiFY "Cherry Blossom Gradient" Impact Case for iPhone 14 Plus / 14 Pro / 14 Pro Max

durable phone cases casetify cherry blossom gradient

Last but certainly not the least is this elegant cherry blossom-patterned case by CASETiFY– perfect for those who love flowery and pastel hues. Despite how soft this case may appear, its actually part of CASETiFY’s impressive Impact Case series. That means that this case can withstand a drop of up to 8.2 feet and offers 4x military grade standard protection! It also supports wireless charging and is made sustainably from eco-friendly material.  

Add it to cart here while stocks last! 

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Own a phone that can do both! Armour up your precious mobile device while ensuring it still looks good with these glamorous and sturdy phone cases. If you’re still keeping your options open or if you’re using an older phone model, head on over to MobileStop for more!