What Goes Into the Design of ITSKINS' Antimicrobial Phone Cases?

What Goes Into the Design of ITSKINS' Antimicrobial Phone Cases?

ITSKINS Hybrid R Clear (MagSafe Compatible) for iPhone 14 / 14 Pro / 14 Plus / 14 Pro Max - Transparent

Do you like changing phone cases? Certainly no stranger to one of the well-known brands, namely ITSKINS.

Many case brands on the market only offer logos or paint creations at over-prices for everyday use in standard activities, an ordinary offering. Meanwhile, what about athletes or extreme sports enthusiasts? This is where ITSKINS comes to fill the void. They protect phones in extreme conditions

The protective case is equipped with great technological advances covering a wide range of the latest gadget models. Not only resistant to impact, friction, and shock absorption, ITSKINS is also able to protect devices from microbes with high performance antimicrobial polymers.

This is the latest innovation in mobile device protection!


Have you ever thought that wherever and whatever we do, everything we touch contains bacteria? Even though you are diligent in washing your hands or spraying cleaning liquid, bacteria will still stick everywhere, including the phone cases that we use every day.

Just imagine, we hold it and carry it everywhere and carry all that bacteria! So is there a way to get rid of this problem?

You may be surprised that ITSKINS is able to handle it. With long-lasting antimicrobial technology that helps protect the exterior of the case from many common bacteria.

Technological advances in a gadget case. It is the result of the powerful integration of IMPACTHANE, a proprietary ionic anti-microbial technology that acts at the cellular level to interfere with the growth and reproduction of microorganisms 24/7.

This is the time to free the device from everyday bumps but also bacteria. For more advantages, ITSKINS case comes with the following highlights:

  • ITSKINS case has a natural color with better grip and well-functioning tactile buttons. You don't have to worry if you want to place the device face down, because ITSKINS protects the device both front and back as well as the raised edge at the front.
  • Works well on wireless charging including MagSafe, slim and crystal clear case lets you show off your phone's premium design.
  • Shock-absorbing technology becomes more streamlined and effective. It is the most effective shock protection on the market.
  • Like to use a soft case? ITSKINS TPU Polymer material is anti-yellow, you don't need to replace it so often because the case stays clean longer.
  • Eco-friendly design with 100% recycled materials.

ITSKINS protection covers all mobile devices from iPhone, Samsung, iPad, to Apple Watch by adapting to each user's style and protection needs. ITSKINS is your gadget's guardian angel from the visible to the unseen!

Interested in getting protection from ITSKINS ? You can have it starting at $24.9