Why it is Absolutely Worth it To Invest in a Mini Projector in 2023

When it comes to projectors, it is no longer those old-school ones that we use back in school that are attached to the ceiling.

Mini projectors are the norm nowadays— they are sleek, trendy and easy to use. Here are some reasons why it is absolutely worth it to invest in a mini projector.

Better for Your Eyes 

Projectors do not emit much harmful blue light as compared to conventional TV screens. Hence, it reduces the blue light that is absorbed by your eyes and reduces eye strain. 

Compact & Portable

Mini projectors are small and portable, allowing you to move them around whenever you need. 

At just 1.1kg (lighter than most laptops and TV monitors), the AUKEY RD-860 Mini Projector comes in a small, sleek, and modern frame that takes up hardly any footprint when in use. This is an ideal choice for minimalist households over a traditional bulky TV monitor!

Cost Effective 

Prefer enjoying your movies on a large display like in the theatres? Unfortunately, it’s hard to replicate that experience at home without a massive TV display around, and that too will break the bank costing you a few thousand of dollars for a basic 80-inch model.

That’s where a projector comes into play! Even with mini projectors these days, you can expect larger-than-life projections ranging from 50 inches up to a massive 120 inches (a full 3-metre wall)!

Versatile Usage 

Compared to a simple TV monitor, there are so many exciting ways you can utilise a mini projector for your household apart from the mere entertainment value.

Compatible with a wide range of devices thanks to its extensive interface connections, you your devices to your mini projector for a massive display – whether it is for gaming, studying or storytelling sessions at home.

Cost Effective 

Did you know that mini projectors are actually more cost effective than televisions? 

With the AUKEY RD-860, now Singaporean households can all afford a quality mini projector with amazing features all for under $200. For the small price of 5 trips to the cinema for a family of four, you can now enjoy a cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home!

Now what kind of TV monitor can you expect to get for that budget? Trust us when we say there’s nothing worthy of comparison.