Why You Need A MagSafe Case By CASETiFY

We all know that when it comes to CASETiFY, phone cases aren’t just about their looks. With CASETiFY’s signature EcoShock Technology, you can ensure solid protection made from renewable, plant-based material accompanying a trendy design. Alongside the arrival of wireless charging, eco-friendly CASETiFY MagSafe cases have sprouted up everywhere. 

If you’re in need of some inspiration for your next phone accessory investment, we’ve shortlisted our favourite CASETiFY MagSafe case designs below, especially for you. It’s about time to say goodbye to messy cords and tangled cables! 

What are MagSafe Cases?

magsafe case casetify

Apple’s MagSafe technology is designed to provide a seamless magnetic connection between your device and accessories such as wireless chargers and mounts. Since Apple’s introduction of wireless charging, MagSafe cases have grown in popularity. These cases are cleverly equipped with strong magnets at its back to allow proper attachment of your device to MagSafe accessories. When using a case without MagSafe support, the magnetic hold between your device and its accessory becomes weaker and less secure. 

With MagSafe cases, you’ll find much greater convenience powering up your device in different settings, such as on car mounts while you’re on the go. 


CASETiFY MagSafe cases connect your device securely to any MagSafe accessory in one quick snap. It also provides fast and efficient wireless charging of up to 15-watt speed.

Other helpful perks of owning a CASETiFY MagSafe case include: 

  • Anti-Microbial Properties: Its case coating eliminates 99% of phone bacteria, preventing the growth of microbes on your device
  • Stylish Designs: CASETiFY is known for its trendy collaborations with external brands, ranging from indie names to pop culture. From loud and colourful to simple and minimalistic, there’s a sleek case design for everyone! 
  • Durability: CASETiFY cases are built to last. Made from high-quality materials, its cases are scratch-resistant, shock-absorbing, slim, and lightweight to boot. 
  • Sustainable Features: CASETiFY is on a mission towards zero waste and carbon neutrality. Its products are made from plant-based, compostable or recycled materials– all the way down to its packaging.

CASETiFY Magsafe Clear Case

magsafe case casetify clear case

This is no ordinary clear case. 

The CASETiFY Clear Case, apart from its shock-absorbing and scratch-resistant features, does not turn yellow over time. Yes, read that again. It is made of a durable, lightweight material that is equipped with a tried and tested UV Defender technology, preventing the case from yellowing even under prolonged exposure to UV light. 

With this unassuming MagSafe clear case, you’ll be able to enjoy long-lasting clarity and show off those polaroid photos beneath! 

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CASETiFY "Mochi Checkers by Sleepydaze" MagSafe Mirror Case

MagSafe Case Casetify mochi checkers by sleepydaze

Made in collaboration with Canadian digital art brand Sleepydaze, this pastel-toned mirror case radiates cute and cosy vibes for that soft girl/boi aesthetic. Apart from being able to survive drops up to 8.2 feet (many thanks to its EcoShock™ capabilities), it’s also made partially from upcycled phone cases via CASETiFY’s sustainable RE/CASETiFY programme. 

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CASETiFY "BLVCK Custom Monogram" MagSafe Mirror Case

magsafe case casetify blvck

Our final winner is this BLVCK x CASETiFY mirror case. BLVCK is a Paris-based lifestyle apparel and accessories brand for both sexes which, as its name suggests, is known for its stylish ‘all black’ merchandise. It also boasts over 1 million followers on Instagram for its dark and edgy style. Likewise, this case boasts EcoShock™ protection, granting it 4x military grade protection, and is also partially made from upcycled phone cases as part of the RE/CASETiFY programme.

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MagSafe Cases By CASETiFY Are Simply Built Different 

Double up on your phone’s protection and keep it sleek while going wireless with CASETiFY. If you’re keen for more designs, we’re having a HUGE SALE on MobileStop! Check out our full range on our website today.