CASETiFY Phone Charm - Ocean Tide Marine

CASETiFY Phone Charm - Ocean Tide Marine

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Product Highlights

  • Style Your Phone
    Is your phone looking a little boring lately? Dress it up with our phone charms!
    With a range of colors and styles, these one-of-a-kind phone charms are made to match your phone case, your mood, and your OOTD.
  • Hands-Free, but Make It Fashion
    Wear it as a wristlet for extra security (and extra style).
    All of our phone charms are tied by hand and made with a super durable water-resistant cord.
    Attach in Seconds
  • Check out our newest cases with an added side socket to easily attach your phone charm hassle-free.
    Don’t have a side socket?
    You can easily create a loop with any opening on any phone case.

Things to take note:

  • Avoid harsh chemicals: Do not use harsh chemicals around or on product. Direct contact with perfume, hairspray and deodorant can damage your phone strap.
  • Soft water only: Your phone straps are waterproof, however we do not recommend overexposure to chlorine in swimming pools or minerals in the water.
  • For adult use only. Keep away from infants and children.
  • Treat with care: Always keep an eye on your phone while in the strap. Avoid use during extreme and high-impact/contact sports. We suggest removing the sling before charging for safety.
  • Compatibility: Works with all full coverage cases and all CASETiFY cases except Push-in Cases, Google Pixel Fold Cases, Galaxy Z Fold Cases, Galaxy Z Flip Cases (Z Flip3, Z Flip4) and iP Xs and older iP devices Leather Cases.