Casetify Liquid Glitter Case for iPhone 13 Pro - Brunette Bun

Casetify Liquid Glitter Case for iPhone 13 Pro - Brunette Bun

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Bump Up the Protection

Our Ultra Impact Cases are military-grade drop tested from 9.8-feet, and made with qìtech™ 2.0, our proprietary shock-absorbing material. Our upgraded qìtech™ 2.0 reduces impact by 95% (lab tested!) while maintaining its super sleek slimness.

Protection from All Angles

Every detail is fine-tuned for optimal protection, superior impact resistance, and ultra-sleek, ultra-slim style. We take a 3-part approach to protection: Lifted camera ring to protect the camera lens, extra qìtech™ 2.0 covered corner bumpers for 360-degree protection, and finally the raised bezel protects screens when dropped frontward.

Stay Charged. Go Wireless.

Wireless charging is not something of the future, it’s everywhere, so your experience should be hassle-free. Our iPhone cases are built to withstand Qi, supporting the new standard of wireless charging. Charge away without having to remove your iPhone cases, so you never have to compromise style for functionality.

Made of Recycled Materials

Our new Ultra Impact Cases are made with 65% recycled and plant-based material, and shipped to you in 100% recyclable packaging.

Our Journey to a Sustainable Future

Our cases are printed with eco-friendly ink, and packaged in 100% recyclable material. And all of our production facilities are ISO14001-certified for using rainwater collection, recycling systems, and other sustainable practices. As part of Casetify’s journey towards lowering our impact, we’re discovering new ways to put our waste to good use.